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What are Sivengo invitations?

What are Sivengo invitations?

Sivengo Invitations is a new way to make wedding invitations and surprise your guests who will receive them on their mobile phone without registering on any website or downloading any APP.

Consult the wedding present list; Share music and social networks, access by google maps, notifications by geolocation, assistance and food alergies form as well as update any image or field any time are some of the features of the Sivengo cards.

Like a movie ticket, or a boarding pass, invitations are stored in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay along with your digital bank cards, which makes them a very useful tool: Easy access for guests where they can see all the details of the wedding: from timetables and places, list of wedding presents, access google maps to arrive more easily, add calendar appointment or consult social networks.

Sivengo invitations are distributed through a link by WhatsApp, messaging or email but you can also download the QR Code and print it on paper invitations for direct activation using the mobile phone.