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Digital or paper wedding invitations?

Digital or paper wedding invitations?

Sivengo invitations are not only a modern and innovative way to communicate with friends and family about your wedding, but they are also a tool to make the guests part of the party and really engage with them..

However, you can comfortably combine the Sivengo invitations with the traditional paper invitations that are sent to the guests.

Once your invitation has been designed and you have paid for the service, our platform generates a QR code with the link to the invitation. This means that anyone who reads that QR code will download the digital invitation.

You can print that QR code on the paper invitations so guests can uncover all the details of the wedding on their mobile phone; this way you can combine the traditional with the innovative.
Remember before printing to check with your mobile phone that the QR is correct and that you download the card; but also keep in mind that once issued the First Invitation you will be able to change any field, color or images anytime by using sivengo platform.